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Animal Rescue Manager - about us!

First off let me introduce myself, my name is Randy Johnson. I volunteer with a local labrador retriever rescue here in the Sacramento, California area. I am a self taught programmer and have been programming for the past 15 years. The bulk of my experience is with traditional ASP and SQL server databases.

Animal Rescue Manager was developed to fill a need for organizing data tracked in day to day operations of rescue orgainzations. Previous methods of data tracking in our rescue group were done with Excel and word documents in different locations within the organization. Data was not centralized and you had to know who was charged with tracking the information you were looking for in order to get it.

Since the need was urgent I decided to create a web application using what I know best - Traditional ASP and SQL Server. The application (once proven to be helpful) will be free to other organizations with a miniaml hosting fee of around $10 a month.

There will be future plans once this has proven to be helpful and timesaving for the volunteers involved with the operations of the group.